Written by David Poe. ©2022 Charming Martyr Music (BMI.) From the album EVERYONE'S GOT A CAMERA

They’re closing down the opera 
Now the orchestra’s no more 
Farewell to the dinosaur 
We never went to see 
And goodbye ballerina 
We held you up so high 
To dance you pay a price 
For dance you pay a price 
Goodbye ballerina 
Now you are free 

The letter that she sent me 
Made of paper from a tree 
Now it’s an emoji 
Of a heart I once knew 
The sound of her piano 
Coming from the other room 
And then the song is through 
And when the song is through 
Goodbye ballerina 
Robot plays the blues 

Old man shakes his cane 
At each passing of the train 
Does he miss the voices singing out of tune? 
Do you miss the days 
When no one knew your name 
And the nights nobody wanted to? 

Now I can find another lover 
Any time I wanna 
I can call a butler 
Or a car that I don’t drive 
Goodbye ballerina 
This world won’t carry you 
But before the world was new 
Before the world was new 
Before the world was new 
So good to be alive 

Bye bye, bye bye